School: Bunlahy, Granard

Bunlahy, Co. Longford
Mrs Brady

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The Widow's Daughters

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0765, Page 299

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There was once a poor window and she had three daughters; the times were bad and thing's were going against them, so one night the oldest daughter say's to the mother "Bake a bannog for me and I'll go away to-morrow and seek my fortune"
The woman baked an [?] bonnog and when the girl was ready the mother took the bonnog and says she, " Which will you take the half of it with my blessing or the whole of it with my curse? She was a rough lassie and says she "Give me the whole of it, your blessing wouldn't take the hunger of me'. The mother gave her the cake and she went off.
After some time she came to a mill. 'Grind, grind me, says the mill. I wasn't ground this seven years". Grind yourself or let it alone' says she and on she went.

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Mrs Sweeney
Coolcor, Co. Longford