School: Courtnacuddy (roll number 5038)

Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford
(name not given)
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 255

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0901, Page 255

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  1. Castle Boro was supposed to be the grandest mansion and grounds in Ireland only Powerscourt in C/o Wicklow.
    It was a beautiful building all made in uncut granite, and it was situated mid-way between Enniscorthy and Wexford. It was burned down in the year 1922 by the I.R.A. and it belonged to a big Protestant named Lord Carew.
    It seems he was rather bitter, and was hard on his tenants and employees and every piece of land he coveted he had to get.
    In this locality there were people of the farming class named O Gormans. These people had a farm by the road-side, Lord Carew wanted this site to plant a wood, so he evicted the people out of the house.
    This farm ment a lot to the O Gormans.
    And the same priest that lived in Townamallogue and blessed the well went to interceed for his Parents. Getting no result he laid a malediction over the mansion saying that in the near future trees and weeds would smother the walls of the castle. No trace remains of the Carews for they are now dead, but their beautiful castle remains in ruins.
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    Peggy Crowley
    Castleboro Demesne, Co. Wexford
    Miss Mahon