School: Drumlish (C.) (roll number 10023)

Drumlish, Co. Longford
Brigid Lacy

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0758, Page 005

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I heard these riddles from various people.

1. What goes around the house and drags a harrow after it?
Ans. - A hen with a clutch of chickens.
2. What goes up the ladder with its head down?
Ans. - A nail in a man's boot.
3. What goes round the wood and never touches a bit of wood?
Ans.- A knife in a man's pocket.
4. Long legs, short thighs, little head and no eyes?
Ans.- The tongs.
5. What is it the more you take from it the bigger it gets?
Ans.-A grave.
6. Inky pinky on the bank ten drawing four?
Ans.- A woman milking a cow.
7. I sat down on my hunkers, I looked through my winkers and I saw the dead burying the live/
Ans.- the ashes burying the coals.
8 How is it that you have to go to bed

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Rita Murphy
Cloonmacart, Co. Longford