School: Greenanstown (roll number 10019)

Greenanstown, Co. Meath
Máiréad M.Uí Nualláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 278

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 278

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  1. 1. There is another tradition after the Battle of the Boyne, a company of Williamite troops in pursuit of James as he fled from the scene of his defeat, encamped in a field in Laceystown (a mile from the school). It is known as King Williams Hill. Adjacent to this field there is land known as "Ruck Alone". There was a song called "Lillublerrs" (?) the chorus of which has the refrain - "Ruck Alone." It was very popular among the Williamite troopers - probably their marching tune.
    2. There is a farm called Kilnew on the borders of this parish and Duleek (1/2 mile from school). There is a field called the Church Field - in the corner of which may be traced the site of a church. There was red clay dug up inside the church. It appears the church was burned during the Reformation Days.
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