School: Greenanstown (roll number 10019)

Greenanstown, Co. Meath
Máiréad M.Uí Nualláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 288

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 288

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  3. XML “The Fairy Piper”

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  1. There was another married couple who had one child. It was constantly asking its mother for milk. On one occasion while the parents were in the fair of Drogheda a neighbour who was looking after the child in their absence called into the house. "Well Art" he says. What way are you to day. "I'm only middling Bill" says the child. If I got more nourishment I would be stronger." "Now look here" says Bill, "I just called in to hear you giving a tune on the bagpipes."
    "Oh" he says "don't you know Bill I cannot play a pipes." "Enough of that Art" says Bill "let us hear a tune." "I will play a tune for you" says the child, "if you promise not to tell on me."
    "I won't tell upon you" says Bill with that he stands up in the cradle, and takes a splendid set of pipes from the butte of the couple arranged the pipes sat down on a seat and commenced to play. The man declared afterwards such music
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