School: Greenanstown (roll number 10019)

Greenanstown, Co. Meath
Máiréad M.Uí Nualláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 297

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 297

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  1. If there are three coats on an onion in October, it is a sign of a hard winter.
    If there are many hips and haws in October, there will be much snow and frost during the winter.
    If January comes in fine, it is a bad sign of the Spring for there will be snow before May Day.
    If oak trees bend with snow in January good crops may be expected.
    If foxes bark much in October they are said to be barking for snow.
    It is a sign that there will be a long spell of rain if clouds are thick over Howth.
    If the stone in Herbertstown House turns dark rain is at hand.
    If apple trees bloom in March - "you may search for apples."
    After Twelfth Day there is a stretch three cock's steps on the manure heap.
    March grass never did good.
    Every second day after St. Brigid's Day fine
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