School: Dulargy (roll number 13670)

Doolargy, Co. Louth
James Mc Creesh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 042

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I James O'Hare of Deerpark tells some interesting stories about "Larry" the lad. Commonly he was called this name because of his intimacy with fairies (Some said he was one)
Well Larry was very fond of a game of cards and all the young lads used to collect to his house for a game. Well this night the game was in full swing when Larry thought of getting ready his supper. He put water in the pot and got meal from the bag but was surprised when he had no salt for the porridge.
Now boys he said when hanging on the pot over the fire I am short of salt and you can continue your game as I will be back when the water commences to boil. I have only to take a little run down to Newry and back. Well off he started a distance of 12 miles each way. His cardplayers kept an eye on the pot and what was their surprise to see Larry walking ni with a package of salt in his hand the moment they heard the first sound of boiling water in the pot. Well boys he said I was a bit longer then I expected as I met Paddy - in the town I had to stop and speak to him. The naighbours when questioned next day said he was speaking to Larry in the town just after seven o'clock showing clearly how quickly he travelled probably on a "[boltan?]"

James O' Hare
Deerpark, Co. Louth