School: An Lios Rua, Cill Mháille (roll number 9339)

Lisroe, Co. Clare
Eibhlín Ní Chonalláin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0608, Page 199

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4th May 1938.
A bird cradle.In this district when Winter days approach the young boys ,helped by the grown ups ,are busy making bird-cradles. They are a kind of cage in which little birds are caught during snowy and frosty weather when they have no food to find anywhere.
When making a bird-cradle ,seasoned osier rods are used .The rods are picked about three weeks before being used.First of all a wooden frame of timber is made This is done by getting four equal pieces of timber and nailing them corner to corner to form a square.Next eight strong rods are put two from each corner up a certain height and are joined together overhead with a cord.Then the maker weaves several rods in and out on each of the four sides of the bird-cradle and so on until he reaches the top.Then all the ends of the rods which are sticking out are pared nicely.The bird-cradle tapers from the frame to the top.
Then the bough is made by bending

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