School: Scairt (C.), Cill Dairbhe (roll number 4127)

Scart, Co. Cork
Mrs R. Eager

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Scairt (C.), Cill Dairbhe | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0375, Page 310

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building are still to be seen. There are few of any one name in the district. The only name that occurs a few times is Herlihy.
There are not a great many houses in Ballyanchan but they are, for the most part, slated. The land for the greater part is good and yields good crops. There is a fair area of wooded ground. The Funcheon, a tributary of the Blackwater, flows through this district. It is fairly wide too and in places very pretty. It is well known to Anglers and every Sunday, they are to be seen patiently waiting for success.