School: Baile Caisleáin an Róistigh (C.) (roll number 14108)

Castletownroche, Co. Cork
Áine Ní Luineacháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0372, Page 129

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0372, Page 129

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  1. The following story is told about Newberry Mill which is situated about thirteen miles from the village of Castletownroche.
    It is said that there is an enchanted ash tree growing near the place. A man living in the vicinity was passing by one night, accompanied by his dog. Suddenly the dog rushed towards the enchanted tree. There was a short scuffle in the ditch and when the man proceeded to investigate he found that the dog had killed a fine hare. The man returned home and gave the hare to his wife. She prepared it and put it in a saucepan on the fire, to make soup. But all her efforts to boil it were in vain. The water remained as clear as when it was drawn from the well. The animal was an enchanted hare.
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  2. The White Cat
    The deep cave of Castle Cor situated about nine miles outside Mallow, contains many wonderful treasures, which are guarded by a white cat. This cat regains her human shape for a week every year at midsummer. Whoever visits her at this time, and whose heart is not
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    Frances Lenihan
    Castletownroche, Co. Cork
    Mr P. Lenihan
    Castletownroche, Co. Cork