School: Séipéal na Carraige (roll number 5478)

Rockchapel, Co. Cork
Donncha Ó Géibheannaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 215

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 215

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  1. A great game when my mother was going to school was Gobs. This game was played with 5 small, round stones. The game started by putting the 5 gobs on the back of the hand and throwing them a short distance up in the air. When they came down, you got one in your hand and threw it up, while waiting for it to come down, you picked up the nearest two and caught the one coming down with them. You put down the 3, threw up one again, while it was coming down, picked up the 2 you put down before and one other, and be in time to catch the one coming down. Put the 4 down, throw up one again, catch the 4 on the ground and the one coming down. If you miss to catch any of them, you are out of the game. The above was done 3 times.
    The open palm of the hand was stretched out on the ground and a gob put between each finger. You threw one up, and with your little finger you pushed in each of the 4 gobs, one each time you threw up a gob, until the 4 were pushed in, and as near together as you could put them, because when you raised your hand, you had to throw up one gob an catch the 4, no matter how they were scattered. This was the
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    Bridie Keating
    Bridget Keating
    Rockhill West, Co. Cork