School: Séipéal na Carraige (roll number 5478)

Rockchapel, Co. Cork
Donncha Ó Géibheannaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 120

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0351, Page 120

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  1. Weather lore
    Signs of Rain
    1. Flies on the road on a summer's day
    2. When the crow is on the shady side of the hay-stack
    3. When the swallows fly low
    4. When the goats come down from the hills
    5. When the seagulls come up the river
    6. When the ducks quack loud
    7. When the hills look near
    8. When there is a halo around the moon
    9. When dogs eat grass
    10. Dust clouds on the road in summer
    11. When the smoke blows down the open chimney
    12. When the crickets sing
    13. If the cows are clustered together, when grazing in the summer
    Signs of fine weather
    1. When spring water oozes up through the road in the spring or summer
    2. If the goats spend the night on the hills
    3. When the crows leave the trees, and go out in the country
    4. When the western sky is red late in the evening
    5. When the hens pick their feathers
    6. When the swallows fly high
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    1. genre
      1. weather-lore (~6,442)
    Bridie Keating
    Daniel Keating
    Rockhill West, Co. Cork