School: Clanna Caoilte (B.) (roll number 12286)

Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Ss. Ó Síthe

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Clanna Caoilte (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0311, Page 206

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the place where the well is now he fell asleep and while he was asleep a dove dropped a letter on his forehead. When he awoke he put his hand to his forehead and he felt the letter which bore a message telling him that a well would spring up where he slept. Ever since that day the townland has been called “Litir Colm”.

There is an old ruin of a castle in Dundeady which is about eight miles S.W. of Clonakilty. It is about 20 ft high. During the last storm a part of the top was blown off. There are holes in the walls where the guns were kept to shoot from.
It was built by an anglo Norman named John Barry. One night

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Master Pat Hayes
Donoure, Co. Cork