School: Muileann an Bhata (B.) (roll number 16478)

Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny
Mártan Ó Crotaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0850, Page 113

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0850, Page 113

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  1. There are many weeds on the farm that impoverish the land such as-: Chicken-weed; it is like a net and spreads rapidly over a tillage field.
    Squitch grass is another weed that grows in a ploughed field, but as bad as it is there is a great cure for the kidneys in it. You boil the grass and strain it and drink the water.
    The Chumpry is the best herb that ever grew.
    It cures Boils, Sprains, tooth aches and swelled knees. It is a tall plant with large leaves. It goes down in the ground in Winter and comes up again in Summer. When you want to cure a sprain you boil the leaves and root. Before this you scrape the root and it is as white as snow. When all are boiled put the leaves on the sprain.
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        1. folk medicine (~11,815)
    John Darmody