School: Kildraught (2)

Celbridge, Co. Kildare
E. Ní Armhultaigh

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Kildraught (2) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0773, Page 043

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1) Put brown paper soaked in turpentine on the chest (Mrs. Bracken, Celbridge in Co. Down)

2) For wheesing on the chest boil roods of dandelion and water (Mr. J. Perkins, Celbridge heard here 20 years ago)

4) Boil mullion plant and drink the water cures consumption (Mr. J. Perkins, Celbridge - heard from mother 20 years ago)

5) Dandelions boiled down cure colds (Mr. Smyth, Celbridge - heard in Wicklow 30 years ago)

6) Slice a turnip and put sugar on it and drink juice (Mrs. Cochrane, Celbridge in Co. Cavan)

7) Inhale Friars Balsam for a cold in head or chest (Mr. Anderson, Castletown)

8) Take a currant drink or lemon drink going to bed (Mr. Flood, Celbridge - heard in Co. Kilkenny)

9) Boil dandelions leaves in a saucepan and eat them. (Mrs. Wing, Celbridge)

12) Carageen moss cures colds boil it and drink syrup with lemon juice. (mrs. Hill, Celbridge in Co. Cork)