School: Kildraught (2)

Celbridge, Co. Kildare
E. Ní Armhultaigh

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Kildraught (2) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0773, Page 086

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A Bow is a thing you shoot the Arrow out of. When I go to make a Bow and Arrow I go into the wood and look for an ash stick that is straight and will bend without breaking that is to make the Bow. When I get it I get a piece of string and tie one end to the top of the stick and the other at the bottom and keep it bent a little (drawing of a bow) The next is the arrow which is the easiest to make. Get a straight piece of ash stick a foot long and sharpen at the end and put either feathers or cardboard at the flat end (drawing of arrow) When you want to shoot with it. You pull the Arrow back (drawing) then let it go and the Arrow is gone (drawing).

Frank Finlay
Donaghcumper, Co. Kildare

When I want to make Clappers I just get three pieces of wood very thin prefered and have it square. They have to be about 3" or 4" wide. Orange wood is the best wood you could get because it is the exact thickness. Orange boxes I get wood from. Then you have to make a handle which is difficult. They are made from the same wood. The three pieces of strips are joined with

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