School: Kildraught (2)

Celbridge, Co. Kildare
E. Ní Armhultaigh

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Kildraught (2) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0773, Page 043

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1) Put brown paper soaked in turpentine on the chest (Mrs. Bracken, Celbridge in Co. Down)

3) Drink when for a cold (Mr. Hollingsworth Celbridge, heard in Wexford 20 years ago)

4) Boil mullion plant and drink the water cures consumption (Mr. J. Perkins, Celbridge - heard from mother 20 years ago)

5) Dandelions boiled down cure colds (Mr. Smyth, Celbridge - heard in Wicklow 30 years ago)

6) Slice a turnip and put sugar on it and drink juice (Mrs. Cochrane, Celbridge in Co. Cavan)

7) Inhale Friars Balsam for a cold in head or chest (Mr. Anderson, Castletown)

8) Take a currant drink or lemon drink going to bed (Mr. Flood, Celbridge - heard in Co. Kilkenny)

9) Boil dandelions leaves in a saucepan and eat them. (Mrs. Wing, Celbridge)

12) Carageen moss cures colds boil it and drink syrup with lemon juice. (mrs. Hill, Celbridge in Co. Cork)