School: Brosna (B.) (roll number 13018)

Brosna, Co. Kerry
Aonghus Ó Laochdha
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0449, Page 244

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0449, Page 244

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  1. Séamus O'Catháin, Tuirin Eochaidh, known as Seamus an Fhígheadóra, was the best known poet in the locality. He had a nice farm at the cross; his house is now occupied by Denis Jerry Connor, whose ancestors came into occupation of it on the eviction of the Catháins son, Adam, (the Báinseach) who refused to teach the Bible through Irish to the soupers at Fealehidge. Adam was well able to read the Irish but he put God before Mammon and was evicted, though the old man was left in occupation of a room until his death shortly afterwards.
    Seamus was a classical scholar and he taught Latin and Greek to boys who intended going for the Church. In his garden, called the gáirdíns, he had a "bowery"(?) or grianán where priests, gentlemen and ladies passed many pleasant hours enjoying the old man's wit and verses which he composed about local people, places or events.
    Some very fine poetical pieces of his are to be found in the Ferriter M S. I, University College Library Dublin. My Uncle, John O'Keane, the old man grandson late of Glasgow had very fine manu crips of his which he had bound and gilt-edged. One of these was considered a beautiful work and I remember the interest a late Bishop of Kerry took in it. My Uncle died some years ago and I cannot trace his family who
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        1. folk poetry (~9,504)
    Aeneas J. Leahy
    Brosna, Co. Kerry