School: Brosna (B.) (roll number 13018)

Brosna, Co. Kerry
Aonghus Ó Laochdha

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The Fox and the Scald-Crow

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0449, Page 318

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Long ago a fox and a scal-crow met and they decided to carry the fish from a little man by the name of Darbie O Drive from "Barna Bheag".

On Thursday evening as the little man was coming home, the fox laid across the road and pretended to be dead. The little man had just been asked for a fox skin so he was delighted to get the fox. He threw him in the car near the basket of fish and then drove on.
Then the fox had his chance, he put his head into the basket and threw the fish out one by one. Then the "scal-crow" picked them up quickly and put them on the "gabhlog" of an ash tree. This continued until all the fish were out. On one occasion the little man looked back and saw the fox throwing out a fish. The fox knew he was seen and jumped quickly out of the car. The he ran quickly to where the scal-crow had the fish. On landing the scal-crow told him that he wouldn't get any fish so he thought of a plan.
He asked the scal-crow for the herring at the bottom so she consented. When she pulled the foundation from the rest of the fish they all fell down and then the fox started laughing. The scal-crow was so mad that she dashed at at the fox but he quickly devoured her saying Id rather a fowl than a fish.

Dermot Connor
Carrigeen, Co. Kerry
William Lane
Carrigeen, Co. Kerry