School: Drom na Gráinsighe (roll number 13280)

Drumnagranshy, Co. Sligo
Seán Mac Giolla Luaithrinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0186, Page 209

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0186, Page 209

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  1. Potatoes grow on my farm. My father sows four or five roods of potatoes every year so as to have a sufficient supply for the whole year. This amount sometimes varies because sometimes he might sow more and sometimes less.
    My father prepares the ground with my brother's aid. Before the ground is ploughed top dressing is spread on the land. Potatoes are sown in ridges and sometimes early potatoes are sown drills.
    In the making of ridges there is four sods, two standing against the other two, forming a furrow between every ridge. The drills are made in a different way. The land is ploughed and harrowed and then made into narrow ridges called
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    Kathleen Lavin
    Drumnagranshy, Co. Sligo