School: Drom na Gráinsighe (roll number 13280)

Drumnagranshy, Co. Sligo
Seán Mac Giolla Luaithrinn
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0186, Page 247

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0186, Page 247

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  1. There are no crosses in the parish. On the top of Keash hill there is an immense pile of stones called the "Carn" or the pinnacle. Every year huge crowds of people visit the hill to explore the caves which are in the side of the hill. A kings daughter was buried there and every person passing that way left a stone to her memory, and in that way the pinnacle came there.
    To the eastern side of that hill of Keash there is a cave called the school-cave which is situated in Edward Healy's field Corranaweelan, Ballymote. You would find pieces of slate pencils there which proves that people went to school there.
    It is said that three men entered the cave
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    Kathleen Lavin
    Drumnagranshy, Co. Sligo