School: Gortermone

Gortermone, Co. Leitrim
Mrs A. O' Reilly

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0229, Page 184

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1. Look in your hand and there you will see the greatest of all wonders? One finger longer than the rest.

2. The King of Manchester sent to his daughter a bottomless vessel to hold flesh and blood? Ring
3. Little Jenny (?) Huddle lives in a puddle, she wears a green gown and white petticoat? Rush
4. What has teeth and cannot eat? Comb
5. As round as an apple, as flat as a pan one side a woman and the other a man. Penny
6. I have a little house and it would not fit a mouse and there is as many windows on it as on the Lord Mayor's house? Thimble
7. Up chip cherry down chip cherry all the men in Derry would not lift up chip chip sherry? Smoke
8. As I went out on yonder gap I met my Uncle David I cut off his head and sucked his blood and left him lying easy? Blackberry
9. Spell black and white in three letters. Mag

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