School: Ardvarney (roll number 15116)

Ardvarney, Co. Leitrim
Máire, Bean Uí Amhaltúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0202, Page 107

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0202, Page 107

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  1. Customs
    These are a few of the customs which are observed at some of our feasts throughout the year.
    On Xmas Eve a light is put in every window of the house in honour of the Messiah.
    On the twelfth night of Xmas people burn twelve candles in honour of the twelve Apostles.
    There are many customs observed by the people in the county of Donegal and they are still produced on St. Brigids Eve. After sundown the father of the house takes a reaping hook and slips out as quietly as he can and cuts a bundle of rushes and hides it outside the house until the time for the feast to begin. Then he again leaves the house and walking around the homestead in the direction of the sun he picks up the bundle . When he reaches the open door all within kneel down and he then tells "go down on their knees open their eyes and let in Brídge" The kneeling party inside say "Welcome, welcome"
    When the prayer is finished the father
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