School: Ardvarney (roll number 15116)

Ardvarney, Co. Leitrim
Máire, Bean Uí Amhaltúin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0202, Page 128

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0202, Page 128

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    no hay and it was in the Rewogue days. She said that if she lived till after the Rewogue days that she would not die then. She did live, but March borrowed a day from April and the old cow died.
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  2. A Treasure.
    A few yards from our school there is an old lane called the Half Line. Old people say there is a treasure hidden under a stone and it is minded by a sow.
    Many years ago a man dreamt of the treasure three nights in succession and the dream told him that he and two other men were to go and get the treasure but that there was a life to be lost over getting it.
    Next day he told the story to two men mentioned in the dream. They arranged a night which to go to dig the place pointed out. They planned to being a rooster with them and to manage if a life were to be lost it would be the rooster's. During the digging the cock crew twice. They came on a very large flat stone under which they expected to get the treasure. But they lost courage and they decided before the third crowing of the cock to leave it there.I have not heard that any others tried for the treasure but it is believed by many locally that the treasure is still there and can only be got by some people risking the loss of a life.
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        1. folk belief (~2,535)
          1. treasure legends (~7,411)
    Veronica Mc Govern
    Cleen, Co. Leitrim
    Mrs. Mc Govern
    Cleen, Co. Leitrim