School: Coillte Clochair (B.) (roll number 1649)

Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim
Domhnall Ó Gallchobhair
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0195, Page 032

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0195, Page 032

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  1. Mr. William Wilson a man of 80 years of age is the teller of this story. He tells a story of a man named James Meehan who lived up on the side of a hill near Mr. Wilsons and he had one son and four daughters. He had only two cows but still he could live comfortably. He was a peculiar sort of a man, he never used to attend and worship and he never used to go to any funeral or pay any offerings. At last it came to his turn to die and there were not many at the funeral. William Wilson who was then fifteen years of age was sent to the funeral by his mother. He was buried in Garrison. When the funeral started there were people after it and four men carrying the corpse. The people started to drop off and when they were on the top of Kilcoo hill there was no one only the four men and Mr. Wilson. The four men carried the coffin all the way themselves. He remembers when they were about a mile outside Garrison they sat down to take a rest
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    Michael Bennet
    William Wilson
    Cashelnadrea, Co. Fermanagh