School: St Columb's Moville

Moville, Co. Donegal
Hamilton Stewart

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St Columb's Moville | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1119, Page 383

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made in the middle of the floor and the smoke escaped through a hole in the roof.

The floors of the old houses were made of a variety of clay known as "blue clay". This was slightly moistened and spread over the floor and when it was dried it got fairly firm.
There are still some half-doors around here but they are gradually going out of use, as houses of a more modern design are being built now.
The fire used in all farm houses here is turf which is got close at hand. Bogwood splinters and candles were the only means of lighting in the country of a generation ago.
Some of the old people remember the candles being made, but the local trade has died out years ago.

May Hutchinson
Moville, Co. Donegal