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Some Other Events in the Life of Michael Dwyer

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One last thrilling adventure of Michael Dwyer is known beyond a doubt. It was the blowing up of the huge barracks at Drumgoff. There was a gigantic explosion. He was followed by the Militia but escaped into the hills.
He had defied the British government for five years. In these years the military roads had been built, four out of five barracks at practically every valley head had been completed and occupied, the Union had been declared, and yet Michae Dwyer was able to raise 500 men, arm them and bring them to aid Robert Emmet.
Dwyer realised that the Rising was likely to be abortive and to attack Dublin, if Emmet was able to capture Rathfarham Castle, and raise a green flag on the battlements. Emmet never captured the Castle and Dwyer retreated into the hills. It was a tremendous tribute to his genius as a guerilla leader that as late as the time of the Emmet Rising, he was able to raise so large a band of men, march them to Rathfarnham in good order, and retreat to the hills with no looting or robbery of any kind.
Michael Dwyer ended his career honourably but

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