Scoil: Rochfortbridge (Convent of Mercy) (uimhir rolla 14603)

Droichead Chaisleán Loiste, Co. na hIarmhí
Sr. M. Aquin
Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0730, Leathanach 527

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Bailiúchán na Scol, Imleabhar 0730, Leathanach 527

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  1. The first Monday of the New Year was called Hansel Monday, and was looked upon by most people as a very particular day. If a person were in good humour that day, it was supposed to count for the rest of the year, and if possible everyone tried to wear a smile. People liked to sow some oats on May Day, if it fell on a working day, even they might have the main crop sown before. Friday was counted a lucky day for doing certain things such as moving cattle or bringing home for Winter. Sunday a lucky night leaving out cows in Summer.
    Tras-scríofa ag duine dár meitheal tras-scríbhneoirí deonacha.
  2. The most familiar in early days were what were known as Rag men who collected old-rags and gave in return for them, some delph such as mugs or plates. Those were very welcome visitors and came always about harvest when all would be collected for them. Gipsies who sold wicker-work baskets and mats and often gave them in exchange for old horse hair and broken wool. They usually came in October, in large large bands and remained in the district for a few days.
    Tras-scríofa ag duine dár meitheal tras-scríbhneoirí deonacha.
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