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A Holy Well

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A Holy Well

In the twelfth century the monks were in possession of all the farm held now at Feighcullen Rathangan by P Ryan of Newbridge Co Kildare. In addition they owned more land in the vicinity. During Cromwell's campaign in Ireland, a big battle was fought at Feighcullen and the Monks were murdered and the Monastery burned. All that remains to tell they ever existed is a holy well called the "Duci" or " Dabac" at the back of the present Protestant church.
A story is told of a woman who was short of a wash tub. She took her husbands shirt and washed it in the well. The well soon closed up but it burst up near by in the field. This was because of the insult offered to its holy water. An oak cross arose out of it, tradition says

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Nora Stapelton
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