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An Old Hedge-School Copy Book

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An Old Hedge School Copy Book
In the house of Peter Cribbin in the townland of Feighcullen parish of Allen, County Kildare there is an old copy book written by his uncle Denis Cribben at the hedge-school, taught by a hedge school master named Ned Kenny. The book now contains 178 pages, but many pages have been lost. Some of the pages are torn. The pages are 12 by 7 1/4". They are of plain unruled paper and seem to be large sheets of foolscap. Each sheet of foolscap was folded in two thus making two pages and all are caught together with thread to made the copy book. English is used throughout the copy. The first and last parts of the copy book are devoted to headlines. The head line written by the school master at the top of each page is a specimen of perfect hand writing. Each letter is perfectly formed and the capital

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