School: Holy Faith Convent, Kilcoole

Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow
Sr M. Eithne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0928, Page 012

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0928, Page 012

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    very beautiful tomb stones in the grave yard.
    Kilquade is called St. Patrick's Church.
    In Killadreenan grave yard there is a stone covered with blood marks. If it is scratched with a pin it is said to bleed. One of the children went over to see it and when she went near enough to scratch it, she got a fright and ran away as fast as she could.
    So cannot say if this story has any truth or not.
    The ruins of the old church are in the graveyard. I heard a man say that it is very easy to loose your way in this graveyard and that you'd find yourself walking in a circle.
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