School: Holy Faith Convent, Kilcoole

Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow
Sr M. Eithne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0928, Page 008

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0928, Page 008

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  1. Penal Times.
    There is the "Mass Path" which runs from the Village of Kilcool down Kelly's field, along by Saint Patrick's river and Convent garden wall, through Byrne's field and out thro' style on to the road The people wend their way along here every Sunday and Holy day as they did long long before 1798 to Kilquade Church - which is now the Parish Church.
    The Yeos burned Kilquade Church in "98" and there was a picture an oil painting of the Holy Family saved from the flames - the walls only remained. The Church was re-built 1802-1804 and the picture saved now hangs under the men's gallery beside the Sacred
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