School: Clareen, Birr

Clareen, Co. Offaly
S. Ó Néill

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Clareen, Birr | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0821, Page 278

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calath (craw fish_
colp. calap five 'calap'. cattle
scalp. sticks used in thatching (scallops)
scian. A large knife
fris freeas They made 'fris freas' of it.
bonn leach. stone bruise on the heel
craidhte I was never so cráidhthe in my life
ciotóg he writes with the ciotóg
traithnín I dont care a tráithnín Tom Mooney Oakley
cadhrán Put a few cadhráns on the fire
Dia linn Sat 'Deelin' when you sneeze or God bless us
bonamh The sow had bonamhs (bonaves)
girrseach A nice little girrseach
flaitheamhalach He's a 'flaitheamlach' man
lán a mhála He came home and he brought lán a mhála with him.
cabhair. They dont cabhair with Egans now.
sleaghan. Used for cutting turf.
Tisc (Whist)
cipín Give me a cipín to ready pipe.
smidiríni. The eggs were in smidirini.
seal. It night be dry now for a seal (Weather)
Mí ádh I dont know what míadh is on me
Bóthar a phúca (Ainm Aite)

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