School: Muclach

Mucklagh, Co. Offaly
S. Ó Néill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0805, Page 022

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0805, Page 022

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  1. My home is in the townland of Ballard, parish of Rahan and barony of Ballycowan. There are about twenty houses in this townland. The houses are of different type. There are five two storeyed houses and the remainder are on storeyed. They are all slated houses except one which is covered with tiles. The number of people in each house from one to eight. There are four people over seventy years but they do not speak Irish. Their names are:- Mrs Mac Donald Ballard Tullamore. John Comerford Ballard, Tullamore. James Delaney Ballard, Tullamore. Michael Galvin Ballard, Tullamore. Delaney and Smith are the
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    Ballard, Co. Offaly