School: Baile an Chnuich (Hilltown)

Hilltown, Co. Wexford
Simon Murphy

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Hidden Treasure

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0882, Page 208

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There is a small field in Ballyknock called "the pound" which got its on account of people digging for money in it years ago. Jem Casey and another man started to dig in it one night at about 12 0'clock. They brought a bottle of holy water and a ball of wool. They steeped the wool in the holy water and made a circle with it around where they were to dig. They had worked for a long time when they came to a big stone flag and when they lifted the stone flag they heard chains rattling they looked up and saw a white bull. He gave three roars and one of the men fainted. The other man took him on his shoulder and ran for his life. They said when they lifted the stone they saw a crock of gold. The stone can be seen there to this day.