School: Danescastle

Danescastle, Co. Wexford
Micheál Ó Loinghsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 051

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 051

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  1. In Duncannon by the sea wall there was a very large stone. People had been trying to lift it for years and no one was able. One evening a man named Osbe came along and caught hold of the stone and threw it over the wall which surprised the onlookers. In this district two men disputed about which of them would carry the heaviest load. So they filled two sacks with barley and tied them together and carried them around the barn. Down in Kilmore there was a man who carried a sack of corn under each arm down to the mill which was about two hundred yards away. It is known of a man belonging to this district to have walked to Dublin and back again.
    This is a very long time ago on a Saturday. He got a notice to quit his holding unless he paid his rent against an appointed hour. On Monday this was to be paid in Dublin. That time there was no trains or other ways of travelling. He got there before the appointed time. This man lived to be very rich and very old. It was this man that gave the Bell that is Carrig as a donation. About seventy or eighty years ago, a man was crossing a field where there was a bull. So the bull was wicked and he ran after the man.
    He ran towards a river and jumped it.
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    Elisabeth Fardy
    Wellingtonbridge, Co. Wexford