School: Danescastle

Danescastle, Co. Wexford
Micheál Ó Loinghsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 062

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 062

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  1. A lot of games are played by the school-children such as "rounders", "marbles", cat and the mouse steal the hat and a lot of other games. Rounders is the game which I prefer.
    It is played with any number of people. You need a bat and a ball. First of all two people are picked and they call sides with an even number of players on each side. Then someone tosses to see which side will go in to hit the ball. The people who lose the toss go out on the field and they put in a backstop and a bowler and they put a good one at each station and spread the rest of them around the field. Three stations are made about three or four yards away from each other. When you are in you hit the ball and run to the first station then to the second station then to the third and then home.
    If the ball was put into any of the stations before you reached it you would be out, or if you hit the ball and it was caught you would be out.
    Cat and the mouse is
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    Nellie Byrne
    Danescastle, Co. Wexford