School: Danescastle

Danescastle, Co. Wexford
Micheál Ó Loinghsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 021

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0875, Page 021

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  1. There is a field close to our house called the "Greenhigh." It is opposite the old church yard. It is said there was a house in this field where two old people lived. They were supposed to have a lot of money and when the rebellion of 1798 started they buried the money and it was never found, so the story goes.
    There is an old road that led to the chapel, the ruins of which are in this graveyard, up to some years ago a light was seen very often at night travelling along this road down by the graveyard and across the new road just where this house stood. The "Dead Coach"" was often heard going by where we live and on up by the church. People passing by this church late at night were very nervous as it was supposed to be a haunted place.
    Not so many years ago two men were passing this place late at night when something rushed up into a hawthorn tree opposite the old church. One of them thought it was some one trying to frighten them so he picked up a stone off the road to throw at it but the stone did not leave his hand and whatever it was followed him for about a half a mile to where he was going and stayed at the door nearly all night hammering at it, he had to get the priest the next morning.
    There is a field near this place, it is called the Rath field as there is a Rath or Lois in this
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    John Stafford
    Graigue Little, Co. Wexford