School: Whitecross, Julianstown (roll number 3380)

Whitecross, Co. Meath
Criostóir Breathnach
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 181

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 181

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  1. XML School: Whitecross, Julianstown
  2. XML Page 181
  3. XML “King James the Second's Bed”
  4. XML “An Old Churchyard at Inishtown”
  5. XML “The Stone at Ballygarth Wood”

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  1. There is an old Churchyard at Irishtown and it is called Chapel Castle. There were headstones in it and about seventy years ago the present Mr Shuttleworth's father took the headstones to make windowsill's for his new house. Every morning when Mr Shuttleworth got up. The windowsills were taken out and left back in Chapel Castle. There is no entrance to this Churchyard only a big hedge round it and when people were dead they would have to be lifted across it.
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