School: Cathair Seircín, Inis Tíomáin (roll number 5186)

Cahersherkin, Co. Clare
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 339

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 339

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    elbows are on the chair. At certain parts of the year the saint followed the course of the river as far as Inchiquin and this was a very long and difficult journey. It is said that the saint blessed the lake before he died.
    Long ago there was a gravel strand at the brink of the lake and people brought sick cattle there and drove them out on it and if they turned to the right it was a sure sign that they would get all right again, and if they turned to the left it was a sign that they would die. The water of this lake never boiled and one time a girl went to the lake for water to boil potatoes for the dinner but the potatoes never boiled. It is said that no human being or the domestic animal will be drowned in it and a man named Moloney fell in there once and he was not drowned. Some people came there one time with a sick cow and they drove her out too far and she sank to the bottom and they thought she was drowned and they went home without her. The following morning the cow was found grazing on the opposite side of the lake and she was cured.
    There is a meadow near my house and it is called the "Móin Fhéar Garbh". It is so-called because it is full of rushes and it is very wet and soft. There is another place called the "Log" because it
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