School: Cathair Seircín, Inis Tíomáin (roll number 5186)

Cahersherkin, Co. Clare
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 333

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 333

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  1. Glann castle was built by O'Connor, a brother of the O'Connors of Dough, Liscannor and Cillistifeen. O'Connor in 1318 fought at the battle of Dysert O'Dea aiding O'Dea. In this battle Lord De Clare and his son were killed and the power of the English was broken in Clare for 280 years. An underground passage is supposed to connect the castle of Dough, Liscannor, Cillestifeen and Glann.
    While O'Connors were alive it was customary to make cattle raids on big farmers and legend has it that the four brothers went to Loop Head in West Clare to raid. Before going O'Connor of Cillistifen with a majic key drew the waters of the seas in over the Island to protect the people in his absence. They carried off the raid and were returning home when they were pursued by the owner of the cattle. They overtook them at Miltown Malbay and the O'Connors were killed. The magic key was lost and since then Cillistifeen is under the sea. It is believed that it is visible once every seven years.
    Old people say there is a crock of gold buried beside the castle and that it is guarded by a hare, but although several attempts were made to capture him he still is free and the gold is safe.
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