School: Shanagolden (B.) (roll number 3786)

Shanagolden, Co. Limerick
Tomás Ó Loingsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 155

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 155

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  1. A Local Story
    The Bull's Fort.
    There is a fort called the Bull's fort, near Newcastlewest. It was so called because at one time it was supposed to be haunted by a magic bull. All the ring (or rampart) of this fort was said to contain buried gold. In olden times many people attempted to dig for this gold, but they all failed to get it. For when they started to dig the bull appeared and chased them away.
    About four hundred years ago a man, who lived near the fort, was very anxious to get the gold. He had great faith in Holy water, so one night he set out for the fort with a bottle of it in his pocket. Having reached the fort he sprinkled the Holy water all over the ring. Then he got a spade and started to dig. No sooner had he started than the bull appeared and raced in a great hurry towards the fort. When he reached the edge of the space where Holy water was sprinkled he suddenly stopped and could go no farther. For the remainder of
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