School: Shanagolden (B.) (roll number 3786)

Shanagolden, Co. Limerick
Tomás Ó Loingsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 190

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 190

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    and others spend it in giving an all night's dance to their friends, in some house in the neighbourhood.
    In this district wren-boys go about not alone on St. Stephen's Day, but during the evening of Christmas Day as well. At one time the local wren-boys always brought a dead wren, tied on a holly bush with them. The bush was decorated with ribbons and was carried by the leader of the party. It was killed on Christmas Day night when the men went out with sticks and stones, hunted it and then beat it to death. But this custom of carrying the dead wren has gone out of use here-around for many years.
    Pancake Night
    Shrove Tuesday night is known locally as Pancake Night. On that night people especially children bake pancakes and eat their fill of them. The reason supposed for his custom is that people might have an
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