School: Shanagolden (B.) (roll number 3786)

Shanagolden, Co. Limerick
Tomás Ó Loingsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 188

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0483, Page 188

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  1. There are many old customs carried out in this locality in connection with festivals. Amongst the most popular is "The Wren" on st. Stephen's Day, better know as Wren Day.
    Early on the morning of that day the boys and young men of the parish come together in groups and dress themselves in fancy clothes and go out in the "wren": or as it called locally the "wran." There are about a dozen persons in each group of wren-boys and many of them have musical instruments. Some also have drums or "tamborines" and they beat those as they travel along the countryside especially when approaching houses. They go into every house and sing, dance and play music in it and then ask for money "to bury the wran"; and they will not leave until they get some contribution.
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