School: Na Hárda (Ardfield), Clanna Caoilte (roll number 1267)

Ardfield, Co. Cork
Caitlín, Bean Uí Ghrífín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0317, Page 161

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0317, Page 161

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  2. XML Page 161
  3. XML “A Story”

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  1. A steward who worked for Lord Carbery in Castlefreke built a house on a path which was used by the people as a short cut going to Mass. After he had it built some time he let it to a tenant. The first night the tenant was sleeping in the house he was disturbed and frightened by a lot of loud noise that he heard in the kitchen and he was afraid to stay in the house so he went away. The steward got another tenant but was the same story with him, he told the steward that when he heard the noise, he went down to the kitchen to see what was there
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