School: Na Hárda (Ardfield), Clanna Caoilte (roll number 1267)

Ardfield, Co. Cork
Caitlín, Bean Uí Ghrífín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0317, Page 113

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0317, Page 113

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  1. Baile le Bró which means Ballylibert
    There were two mill stones near the river between Ballylibert and Lisduff and the mill was worked by the water of the river.
    Camus means a crooked waterfall
    It gets the name from a crooked stream which flows through the ploughland of Camus, as which means a waterfall
    Kilkerran - There was a church in James Donovans yard and an old burying ground there also and it is said that a man named Ciarn was buried there.
    Dunour - There is a big fort in Stephen Twohigs field and it gets the name from it.
    Castlefreke - the Frakes built a castle there long ago.
    Carrigrua - it gets the name from a red rock.
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