School: Corraslira

Corraslira, Co. Roscommon
Bean Uí Dhubhláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 064

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0252, Page 064

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  1. The games I play
    There are many games I love to play, especially the local ones. Very few games one can play in winter for the weather is very nasty and uncomfortable. Summer is a lovely time of the year for playing games, such as Highgaters, wallflowers, "all around the mull berry bush" and "Three Kings ariding."
    This is how highgates are played. Ten girls get into a sind and one of them stands in the middle of the ring and counts all the girls around her until she counts to twenty and the one twenty falls on will run and catch the one that is counted. When that one is caught, the other one will call out her favourite one. The other one will catch her and so on like that.
    "Wallflowers" is a very amusing game too. Five girls get into a ring and keep going around while going around they are singing "Wall flowers, Wall flowers growing up so high. We are all young ladies and we are sure to die, all except Mollie
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