School: Cill Dara (Pres. Convent) (roll number 15599)

Kildare, Co. Kildare
Sr. Philomena
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0779, Page 056

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0779, Page 056

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  1. XML School: Cill Dara (Pres. Convent)
  2. XML Page 056
  3. XML “Carbury Hill or Fairy Hill of Nechtain”

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  1. Carbury in the County Kildare was called after Cairbré son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, whose descendants, called the Cinel Cairbre, settled there. Trinity well is at the foot of the Hill of Carbury, in which the river Boyne has its source; relating to which the following legend is told.
    There was a celebrated poet and king of Leinster called Nechtain of Nuadha-Neacht, in the first century who had a secret well in his garden, one of the miraculous virtues of which was that anyone who approached it except the monarch and his three cup-bearers - Flesg, Lesg, and Luan, was instantly
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