School: Nart (roll number 11660)

Nart, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Mc Adoo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 152

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 152

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  1. Of all the farmyard animals the farmer thinks highly of the horse. It ranks next to the dog for intelligence and is the most valuable, as a general run, of all on the premises.
    On the small farm one horse only is kept and so to get the work done two neighbouring farmers work together, this is called "joined in the plough". The two men work together in the fields throughout the year. Each horse or mare has its own name as: Tommy, Daisy, Kate et.
    When selling horses the sound "plush, plush" is made. When wanting them to go to the right side, "Hoff, hoff" and to the left "Come here, come here. When calling a foal, Foalie, Foalie is the usual call.
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    A. F. M. Mc Adoo