School: Nart (roll number 11660)

Nart, Co. Monaghan
Mrs Mc Adoo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 173

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0952, Page 173

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  3. XML “Words by which Domestic Animals and Fowl Are Called”

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  1. Hens :- When calling them "Chooky chooky, chooky, and when chasing them away, "shuck, shuck, shuck".
    Chickens :- When calling them, "Birdy, Birdy, Birdy, -and when chasing them, sh - sh - sh.
    Geese :- When calling them, "Goosy, Goosy, Goosy" and when chasing them, "Glig, Glig".
    Ducks :- When calling them, "wheet, wheet, wheet."
    Turkeys :- When calling them, "Pee, Pee, Pee.
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      1. economic activities
        1. agriculture (~2,659)
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